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Hans Einar



The recording was made early September(2014) and the weather were mostly overcast. The 41.4 km Route starts at a place called Åheim in the north-western part of Norway and ends on top of a hill named Vestkapp @ 497 m.a.s.l. There is three major climbs, – the first one is 10% – elevation:100m, the next 8% – elevation: 240m and finally the last one is 8 – 10% and ends @ Vestkapp, elevation: 500m (finish).
Some of the roads in this area are quite bumpy and the Deshaker (video filter) didn’t manage to remove all the unwanted movements, but I’m pleased with the result anyway. I also put in a few slides of the surroundings, – they will pop up on the screen while You are doing the last climb.
Have a nice ride  🙂



Vestkapp_foto06.jpg Vestkapp_foto_stort
Vestkapp_foto01 Vestkapp_foto02
Vestkapp_foto03 Vestkapp_foto04



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