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Hans Einar


This RLV takes you on a trip around the Vangsvatnet lake in the western part of Norway. It takes place in the autumn, as the leaves on the trees are yellow and red. It is filmed not long before sunset, enhancing the autumn colours.

The RLV starts and ends in the village of Voss. There are two versions of this ride. Along the northern shore of the Vangsvatnet lake, you can choose to take a detour up (and down) the Dyrvedalen valley, before continuing on your way around the lake. This hill is quite steep, but the rest of the RLV is relatively flat. The version without the hill is quite flat all the way.

In addition to the front camera, there are two cameras pointing to the sides, which pop up occasionally.

All in all, this should be a nice ride, about an hour in length.

Riders of the Norwegian Rulletour: Rulletour uses the version without Dyrvedalen.

Both of the videos (with and without the Dyrvedalen valley), are available in two versions: A X.264-encoded full-HD version and a Xvid encoded version with a lower 1280×720 resolution (for slower computers).

Download Control files

Video, Vangsvatnet without Dyrvedalen, high res: her

Video, Vangsvatnet without Dyrvedalen, low res: her

Video, Vangsvatnet with Dyrvedalen, high res: her

Video, Vangsvatnet with Dyrvedalen, low res: her


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