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Hans Einar



“Nordkapp” is the end point for those who take the road to the north, and concludes the European road network to the north.

Honningsvåg to North Cape is a classic one. From the team behind North-Norwegian RLV’s we serve you “Magerøya” in perfect weather.

Progres recording with a steady hand, as usual. Video quality is amazing.

The profile feels right, almost IRL Smile

This route is hilly, with two hills at around 300 meters. The climb is some places up in 9%, but this is still a trip that can be cycled without many “Glitches” and hacking from the roll, as most of the uphills are much nicer.
Towards the end we see the North Cape plateau, and to the left we also see the coastal
steamer when it passes on its way south.

Given to you from the crew behind



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