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Hans Einar


The RLV was taped with a bike-mounted camera. We ride with a young rider from PSV Rostock on small side streets in the south of Rostock. On these streets many big German racing cyclists have trained! Unfortunately, the video is a little bit shaky in some scenes, because the small side streets are very bad. But believe me – we have passed the very rough cobblestone-sectors beside our route! 🙂 Deshaker has already made it a lot smoother. The weather is fantastic. We go against the sun, but can enjoy the fantastic colours of a sunny snowless but even cold winter’s day! The profile of the short distance is very easy.


I hope, it will be possible to film some more RLVs next time! But however in my new home-area we miss any mountains or even hills … 🙂





gpx, pgmf and rlv – files avi-file (Torrent)
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