Cycling RLV Video's
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Hans Einar


Real Life Video

Real Life Video gives your training an extra dimension. Hooked up to your VR trainer you control the speed of the film with your cycling pace.


Cycling uphill in the film, the brake will offer resistance to the extent that the percentage gradient is actually perceptible. In this way you got the capability of riding indoors on cycling courses all ower the world.  RLV’s presented here is free and made by private individuals for non profilt basis. They will vary in quality, but many are quite good.


To use these RLV’s you need a computer-controlled bicycle trainer like the Tacx Fortius.



You can find more information on their website. They also sell great RLV’s

We recommend using a separate (not necessarily new) PC with Windows XP as a training computer. Windows 7 and 64bit works poorly.

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