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Hans Einar

New RLV from Arvid Vastveit

New wonderful Norwegian RLV from Arvid. Happy riding, and pls help seeding.


2 Responses to New RLV from Arvid Vastveit

  • Kicks says:

    I am running Tacx 4.12 on an I-flow. I have tried installing this new RLV – as well as a number of others from this site and others. A common problem is that they go way to slow. I have problems getting it over 3-4 km/h even if pedaling as hard as I can. I have tried changing the start point, but it does not help. I also have the same problem if I use Videoplayer 1 or 2. The only videos that works perfectly from this site appears to be all RLVs from Adam Elbourne. All RLVs from does work as well as all from Anyone have any idea what may be wrong?

  • davidof says:

    I can give you a dump of the data in the TTS file. I looked at it and there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong. I compared with Aso_San which I think is one of Adam’s and the format is the same. That is, no longitude, latitude or height data in the file. One point every ten seconds with speed, gradient and distance. Tacx original files tend to have one point per second and contain geographic data. NO_Vestkapp video is 25 fps, Adam tend to record at 50 fps and Taxc use 24 fps or sometimes 30 fps. Maybe this is confusing the Tacx software?

    I have my own player and the file works fine.

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