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You will need a torrent client to download the video (avi) file. We recommend uTorrent

You can download it here.


How to install Tacx software (It’s free)

– Download the Fortius.iso file and burn to a CD. (ISO burning program here ) Don’t use TTS Software. TTS Software is great, use it for training, not for RLV’s. Use Fortius Software for RLV’s!

– Then install from the CD. (use default settings)

– Finally, go to and download/install the latest software patches to avoid bugs etc.


Installation procedure for home made RLV’s :

You need to copy 3 files and create a directory in the following order:

  1. Copy the *.pgmf file to the catalyst “programs” folder.
  2. Copy the *.rlv file to the “Video” folder.
  3. In the “Video” folder, make a directory with exact the same name as the *. avi file. (without the avi extension though)
    (Please take care and pay attention to upper and lower-case letters – naming MUST be precisely identical)
  4. Finally, copy the*. avi file to the directory that you just created.

That’s all.

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